Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Best Resaurant Apps

Every time I walk down 14th St. or Barrack's Row, there are almost always three or four new restaurants that catch my eye. So many restaurants, so little time.

To prioritize my weekend restaurant adventures, I use two apps, Ness and Chef's Feed, that I wanted to share with you all today!Best restaurant apps


Basically a better version of Yelp (if you want to be nerdy like me, you can read this economics paper on how Yelp could be improved). This app takes your own personal preferences into account based off of ratings you submit on restaurants to generate suggestions. Ness is almost always spot on.

Unfortunately, Ness is going away this month because it was recently purchased by Open Table. While I am excited to see what Open Table will do with Ness's recommendation algorithm, I am sad that Ness will no longer exist.

In the mean time, you might as well submit your preferences and spend a little bit of time looking through their recommendations while you still can! I'll be using the app to build a list of new restaurants to try. Ness is even letting you export your data, so you can save it for later.

Chef's Feed:

Chef's Feed is a restaurant recommendation app that profiles top chefs around the country (SF, DC, Atlanta, NYC, etc) and asks them what their favorite meal is. In the app, you can see top dishes recommended by some fantastic chefs, and you can filter by cuisine, price point, or location.

I like Chef's Feed because of its focus on dishes, rather than restaurants. Chef's Feed makes sure I don't miss out on the house specialty!  

On Chef's Feed, you can also rate the restaurants you have tried and share your thoughts with friends/followers. I enjoy seeing what new restaurants friends have been to and seeing how their ratings compare with chefs' ratings.

Next time you are looking for a food adventure, whether in your own city or traveling, I hope you reach for Ness or Chef's Feed!

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