Thursday, May 29, 2014

Favorite Finds: Rip van Wafels

Anything that could combine my late-afternoon coffee with a delicious sweet always gets my attention.

Add to that some Dutch flair and a treat that doesn't break the caloric bank, and you might also get my heart.

Meet Rip van Wafels. They make stroopwafels, two thin waffle cookies filled with either caramel or cocoa. You place the stroopwafel over your hot cup of coffee or tea, and wait for the filling to slightly melt.

With Rip van Wafels, I know I can get a tasty treat in with my Blue Bottle coffee without feeling as if I just ruined my healthy eating plan for the day. While their stroopwafels certainly are not healthy, they contain less sugar and calories than a muffin, energy bar, or some other snack I pick up at my favorite coffee shop.

Last week in San Francisco, a good friend was telling me about his experience meditating-just a few minutes each night- and I was really struck by the positive impact he could feel it having on his life. And then I read this New Yorker article about how busy we all are, and how it could be tied to our desire for material possession. It got me thinking, when was the last time I wasn't in a rush, wasn't racing to finish a to-do list, wasn't worried about what will happen next? 

I probably have a lot of work to do in the relaxation department. But I'm going to start with some deep breathing, while waiting for my Rip van Wafels stroopwafel to warm up.

 All images via Rip van Wafels.

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