Monday, May 19, 2014

Favorite Finds: Tonx Coffee

Coffee lovers, meet Tonx.

Tonx is a coffee subscription service that ships you freshly roasted beans straight to your door, every other week. The coffee is date-stamped, so you know it's fresh!

I love high-quality coffee, but nothing hurts more than paying $3-4 for coffee each time I head to my favorite local coffee shops. I love the idea of being able to discover new and delicious beans, right from your own home.

I recently ordered the free trial on Tonx, and I am hooked! I am excited to switch over the half sack (6 oz) for $12 a bag. Tonx offers a variety of sizes, from 6oz to 15 pounds, that ships out twice a month. For me, the 6 oz size is perfect for my morning coffee.

My free sample, Ketiara, is from Takengon, Sumatra. It was a delicious brew for the morning, and my coffee had strong notes of stone fruit and chocolate, just like Tonx's description said! I also loved how Tonx described not just the coffee, but also the region and the producers of the coffee.

I really enjoyed getting a new and delicious coffee delivered straight to me, courtesy of Tonx. And considering they were recently acquired by Blue Bottle, I would say the future is looking quite bright for them!

If you're looking to try out Tonx, they are giving Hilary Stone Soup readers $5 worth of credit.  You can use this link here: https://tonx.org/f4dde7da

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