Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekend Reading

Happy Friday! I will be spending the weekend catching up with friends, playing tennis, and trying to enjoy as much time in the sun as possible. 

Here's a round up of interesting food-related things from the week.  Enjoy!

I love this NYTimes interactive cocktail generator--it's making me want a Paloma!{Link}

A look at Fenton's Creamery, a Bay Area ice cream classic. {Link}

7x7's Big Eat Live event is this weekend! Basically, it's an all you can eat event from some o of the best restaurants in the city. If I lived in SF, I would definitely be there! {Link}

An interesting piece from NPR on throwing out leftovers and it's impact on the global food supply. {Link}

Why it's okay to share food at a restaurant, from Bon Appetit. I totally agree! Why eat one meal when you could try two (or more)? {Link}

Important PSA: Uber is delivering ice cream today in DC between 1pm and 5pm. You're welcome. {Link}

And since I can't be at the 7x7 event in SF, I will definitely be at this ice cream tasting event in DC! {Link}

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