Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekend Reading

Happy Friday! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned. Lately, I have been day dreaming about leisurely days spent lingering over brunch in wonderful outdoor spaces--kind of like this picture! For me, there is nothing better than great food, weather, and friends. 

Here are some great finds to get you through Friday and into the weekend!

Get some burger inspiration from the DC Burger Bash... {link}

What every trendy restaurant menu looks like, courtesy of Eater {link}

Chocolate is getting more and more expensive, even for mass-produced companies like Mars {link}

PSA: Kale shortage may be coming soon {link}

Excited to try this new fast casual Greek restaurant {link}

What makes feta feta? Thoughts on EU's new initiative to protect food names {link}

So sad I won't be in SF for this ultimate foodie event {link}

For all of the coffee fans, this event is for you! {link}

Dinner Lab is temporarily closing its doors to new members due to its skyrocketing popularity {link}

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