Monday, August 25, 2014

Favorite Finds: Asian Box

This past weekend I was reunited with one of my all-time favorite fast casual restaurants, Asian Box. Asian Box's concept of fresh and sustainable Asian street food always delivers a satisfying and healthy meal, and it made the perfect take-out dinner before heading off to a party on Saturday.

Similar to other fast/casual restaurants inspired by Chipotle, at Asian Box, you pick a base (steamed jasmine rice, brown rice, chilled rice noodles, or vegetable salad), a protein (my favorite is the garlic and soy glazed steak) and vegetables. My absolute favorite part is choosing my selection of delicious toppings and sauces. Crispy shallots, pickled veggies, and caramel eggs are awesome, and I am obsessed with the tangy tamarind vinaigrette.

To keep everything delicious and fresh, Asian Box makes as much as possible in house, including sauces. That means no gross preservatives and chemicals ending up in your peanut sauce! In addition, there are no hormones in their meat, and they strive to buy local produce as much as possible. Plus, all of their food containers are either recyclable or compostable!

With a team that includes veterans from Out The Door and Wolfgang Puck, Asian Box is quickly expanding! They already have locations throughout the Bay Area, and they recently opened an outpost in Burbank, CA. Look out for another opening in LA soon!

All images via Asian Box

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