Monday, September 15, 2014

Favorite Finds: Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches

I am trying this new thing called "not eating dessert every day." It's pretty horrible. I eat relatively healthy day in and day out, but I always ALWAYS eat dessert. So, in an effort to just improve my overall healthy, I am ditching the dessert Monday through Thursday. 

All this means is that on the weekend, I am making my desserts count on the weekend. I am not wasting my time and calories on a mediocre cookie. 

Last Saturday, one week in to successfully avoiding dessert, Zach and I stopped by Haight Street Market. In the frozen section, we spied some delicious looking ice cream sandwiches from Coolhaus and knew we had to try them.

We sampled a Mintimalism sandwich--double chocolate chip cookies with a delicious mint chip ice cream in the middle. Besides being perfectly chocolatey cookies, the sandwich was made even more perfect by the mint ice cream. The mint ice cream tasted refreshingly herbal, with a strong fresh mint flavor. Despite being a delectable treat, the mint ice cream lightened up the sandwich.

Inspired by both real estate and design, Coolhaus creates unique and delicious ice cream--typically focusing on sweet-meets-savory combinations (peking duck ice cream, anyone?). You can find their trucks in LA, Austin, NYC, and Dallas. For those of us living in other areas, here's where you can find them in grocery stores near you!

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