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Winter Fancy Food Show 2015

Winter Fancy Food Show 2015

When you were little, was your favorite part of going to Costco all of the food samples? You know, the samples of cheese, cake, ice cream, and other delicious treats?

Wait, who am I kidding, that still is my favorite thing about Costco.

Now, imagine your samples at Costco all rounded into two giant conference rooms, with thousands and thousands of stands. Would you believe me if I told you such a place existed?

It's called the Fancy Food Show, and I was lucky enough to attend the Winter show in my hometown of San Francisco.

Winter Fancy Food Show 2015

It's the West Coast's largest specialty food and beverage trade show with over 80,000 products to eat and drink! Over 1,300 different exhibitors came to show off the best of the best when it comes to food.

We started off near the high-end Greek providers, sampling our way through freshly grilled haloumi cheese and beautiful olives.

Winter Fancy Food Show Halloumi
Winter Fancy Food Show Olives

I made a quick stop at the Califia Farms booth--they had a barista making Four Barrel & almond milk creations, plus a fully stocked case of all of their products to sample. I was blown away by their chocolate coconut almond milk.

Winter Fancy Food Show Almond Milk Califia Farms

We breezed our way through other European countries, including France and Italy.

Winter Fancy Food Show France

In the Italian section, there was a massive pizza oven, and a chef making delicious pizza.

Winter Fancy Food Show Pizza Oven

We also tried Hug, a pre-mixed elderflower, mint, and sparkling wine mix that would be perfect in the summer.

And of course we had to sample some Parmesan.

Winter Fancy Food Show Parmesan

One of the coolest things to try were these vinegar pearls or "caviar". They were wonderfully chewy, and burst into a liquid in your mouth!

Winter Fancy Food Show Vinegar Pearls

We then swung by the Canadian section for some birch syrup tastings.

Winter Fancy Food Canadian Birch Syrup

Bocci set up a stand with not only free chocolates to take with you, but also handmade (and freshly made) candies, filled with hazelnuts and chocolate. They were amazing!

Winter Fancy Food Show Bocci

After exploring the international food, we moved into the American hall. 

One of my favorite stations in this room was Plush Puffs. They make amazing marshmallows, and they had a marshmallow toasting station for everyone!

Winter Fancy Food Plush Puffs

Next up is one of the most interesting things I tried...finger limes! These limes have tiny little balls instead--kind of like Pop Rocks! They burst in your mouth with tons of lime flavor.

Winter Fancy Food Caviar Limes

I fell in love with Frosting Queens--the most delicious store bought frosting you will find out there!

Winter Fancy Food Frosting

Of course, I spent lots of time sampling ice cream from some of my favorite companies--Jeni's, McConnell's, and Double Rainbow.

Winter Fancy Food Show Jeni's Ice Cream
Winter Fancy Food Show McConnell's Ice Cream
Winter Fancy Food Show Double Rainbow

After some ice cream, it was time for more sugar (and alcohol) in the form of artisanal lemon drop jello shots.

Winter Fancy Food Jello Shot

After a few more hours of wandering, eating, and more wandering, it was time to go home. I can't wait for next year's Fancy Food Show--it's clearly going to be my favorite three days of the year. 

Winter Fancy Food Show Greek Yogurt Chia

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing all of my favorite finds from the Fancy Food Show, so come back tomorrow for purchasing details and more fun finds!

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