Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Top 5 Smoothie Tips!

Top 5 Smoothie Tips Growing up in Southern California, I was lucky to have the coolest nanny ever--she was young, hip, tan and blonde, and totally embodied the healthy California lifestyle. She introduced us to smoothies when we were young, and I've been hooked ever since! Check out my 5 tips for perfect smoothies.

1. Use Frozen Fruit!

Forego the ice in favor of frozen fruit. Ice just dulls the flavor of your smoothie. Frozen fruit brings that frozen texture to your smoothie plus tons of flavor!

2. Add plenty of liquid. 

Always make sure you have plenty of liquid in your smoothie, or else your blender won't actually blend! You can adjust the texture of the smoothie by adding more or less liquid, but I try to start at 1 cup of liquid. I almost always opt for soymilk--it has a neutral palette, and almost everyone can drink it. Almond milk is close second. 

3. Turn your smoothie into a smoothie bowl.

Make your smoothie on the thicker side, pour it into a bowl, and top with chopped nuts, granola, cut up fruit, chia seeds, etc. It's my new favorite thing--I'm borderline obsessed.

4. Up your protein with Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurt adds a whole other type of smoothness to your fruity drink--plus I love the tang! High protein yogurt helps me rationalize that drinking a smoothie for breakfast is healthy.

5. Spice it up!

Add herbs and spices for a nice variation of what you normally do. Add basil to your strawberry smoothie, ginger to your tropical greens elixir, or add cinnamon to your banana drink. Not sure what spice combination to try? Start with my chai banana smoothie recipe.

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