Friday, February 27, 2015

Weekend Reading!

Happy Friday! I've been in Tahoe the past couple of days, and I'll be here all weekend! It's nice to get away for awhile, though I wish there was snow. Ice skating in the beautiful sunshine isn't too bad though. 

Enjoy the weekend, and check out these great links!

Learn about the food behind Downton Abbey {link}

Currently brainstorming ways I can reduce my food waste, after this report came out {link}

Back to Downton Abbey and other British-inspired things, how to make a perfect cup of tea {link}

Cannot believe I missed this beautiful public art display on Valentine's Day! {link}

Russian Hill, watch out! Craftsman and Wolves heading your way {link}

Some big BIG news from Blue Bottle Coffee this week {link}

Loving this piece about Philz Coffee and their culture {link}

Cookie Monster can be deep {link}

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