Monday, April 20, 2015

Favorite Finds: AFAR MAGAZINE

When I was traveling back from Washington, DC, I stopped by the newsstand at the airport looking for my usual copy of Glamour, The Economist, and Porter magazine (great combination, I know), before heading onto my flight.

One magazine stood out though that isn't party of my usual selection. I heard about AFAR through Instagram actually, but I hadn't picked up a copy yet.

AFAR covers travel in a fresh perspective and feel. Expect them to cover the highlights of a particular city and country, but also expect off-the-beaten-path suggestions. AFAR has beautiful and inspiring pictures, pulling you into a particular locale. After reading the magazine, I was left wishing my flight was headed to Europe or Asia instead of San Francisco.

I personally loved their food content. When I travel, I admittedly am a little too focused on where I am going to eat each meal. AFAR's restaurant and food choices were a wonderful mixture of traditional and contemporary. Yes, I want to experience the traditional flavors and aspects of a culture's food, but I love the more modern interpretations of those flavors.

Next time you are at the magazine stand, pick up a copy! Also, their online content is equally great, and you can check them out here.

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