Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekend Reading

I know I am usually all smiles and happiness on Fridays, and it's typically a very accurate reflection of how I actually feel.  This week was not fun. I started getting the cold that everyone on my team at work has, and then I hit my head and have been suffering from headaches ever since. Oh, and Z left very VERY early this morning for India! The highlights of the week included seeing an old friend of DC and spending some "me" time at the nail salon. Here's hoping that this weekend is more relaxing than the past week...

Why Uber's job creation stats aren't what they seem... {link}

Time released their 100 Most Influential People of 2015, and I particularly loved this food-related bit. {link}

Worried about food-borne illnesses? The FDA is on it. {link}

This is going on my must-make-now list; I'm obsessed with any vaguely Mediterranean food. {link}

The best wine to pair with chocolate. You're welcome. {link}

Loving the idea of this peanut butter snack cake. {link}

Could you survive on just $29 a week for food? {link}

Tempted to make this part of my daily routine. {link}

In the spirit of #ask4more, advice that I should start listening to. {link}

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