Monday, May 18, 2015

Fruit & Herb Infused Water

Fruit Infused Water Okay, okay, I now have promised myself every week for the past three weeks that I would start eating healthier. Each week brings a new excuse--most of them having to do with travel and family celebrations. How am I going to skip out on dessert at a family wedding, especially when it's Magnolia Bakery's Banana Pudding.

This week brings no excuses. Z is gone on work travel for the next two weeks, so he can't convince me that ice cream is acceptable for dessert. I am finally feeling 100% health-wise, which means the gym workouts on my calendar might actually happen!

I realize that I am not necessarily going to turn my whole lifestyle around just with the snap of my fingers (clearly, that hasn't worked for the past three weeks). I'm starting with small steps.

The first step is trying to drink 64+ ounces of water everyday. I'm admittedly a coffee/tea fanatic, and by the time the afternoon comes around, I rarely have even had 20 ounces of water. It's a small piece of "health", but I'm excited to see how my skin and body feels when I'm hydrated.

When I was in Mexico with Z's family a few months back, the hotel served some great agua frescas, chock full of fruit juice and herbs. Since fruit juices are high in sugar, I decided that infused water would be a great way to bring these flavors back home.

These flavored waters are helping get through my daily water goal. Plain water can be boring, but how could you pass up pineapple-mint infused water?

Fruit & Herb Infused Water

Not a recipe per say, more of just a guide and a few suggestions.

Makes 2 glasses

2-inch squares of pineapple
2 mint leaves
2 basil leaves
2 strawberries, chopped
16 ounces of water

Muddle the pineapple and mint in one glass, and the strawberries and basil in another glass. Add 8 ounces of water to each glass. Let sit for at least 30 minutes. Strain, then drink!

Fruit Infused WaterFruit Infused Water

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