Friday, May 1, 2015


I'm really looking forward to the weekend--I'm spending Saturday at the symphony and then spending the night out on the town with some girlfriends. 

Life during the week has felt rather boring. I work, eat dinner, then maybe watch TV, and then go to bed. Really exciting, right? 

After being in a funk for a while, I've decided it's time for a change. I'm making a concerted effort to plan fun events. I'm starting this weekend with a night out with great friends--the friends that make me feel at home, the friends that make my soul feel good! 

Here are a few things to get you to 5pm cocktails...

Chipotle is getting rid of genetically modified foods. {link}

Classic take-out recipes you can make at home. {link}

The best pizzas in San Francisco...let the taste testing begin! {link}

How do you feel about Business Insider's Best Restaurants in America list? {link}

I really enjoyed this video from The New Potato. {link}

I've been on the hunt for coasters, and these caught my eyes! {link}

It's ramp season! This recipe looks delicious. {link}

Five new teas to try. {link}

10 items that make a house a home {link}

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