Friday, May 15, 2015

Le Weekend

Post-6:15am spin class breakfast
Phew! This week really flew by. With back-to-back weekends away, life hasn't really seemed "normal", just very busy (and fun). Last weekend was Chicago, and this weekend is LA. I'll be visiting for a family graduation. There are lots of LA restaurants I've been wanting to try out (Eggslut, Sqirl), but I don't think I'll have time to visit them this weekend. It just means another trip down to LA is in order soon! 

Warning: NSFW, but a funny piece and provides perspective. {link}

The ins and outs of the Royal Family's diet.{link}

Yes way, rosé. Recommendations for this summer! {link}

Another Goop-approved workout for you. {link}

Next time you are in Chicago, go to this awesome diner. {link}

How many of the best bars in America have you been to? {link}

Up your hard-boiled eggs game. {link}

Obsessed with The Atlantic's photo coverage. Check out these National Geographic Traveler Photo nominated photos are insane! {link}

I just bought this dress. It's fabulous. You should buy it too! {link}

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