Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Favorite Finds: Food Podcasts

Top Food Podcasts Thanks to Serial and This American Life, I am now semi-addicted to podcasts. Even though my daily commute isn't that long, I enjoy getting the opportunity to learn and discover new things on my BART ride. In particular, I am loving food-themed podcasts (big surprise there, I know). If you are looking for a few podcasts to start listening to, these are my favorite!

Radio Cherry Bombe

This women and food podcast is an off-shoot of Cherry Bombe Magazine, another Hilary Stone Soup Favorite.  Julia Turshen, a fabulous food writer, interviews all of your favorite foodie ladies, like Ruth Reichl and Ina Garten. 

Burnt Toast

Food52 now has their own podcast, and though tthey are just a few episodes in, it's already pure gold. Expect discussions with thought leaders on food trends they love and hate. One of my recent favorite episodes had the founders of Big Gay Ice Cream, and I learned that Australia calls sprinkles "hundreds and thousands". How great is that?!

Chewing the Fat

Not surprising since this is an NPR podcast, Chewing the Fat has a strong bent towards topics like sustainability and food policy, though they cover all things food. Expect to hear conversations about reconciling pleasurable food with healthy food and picking out sustainable choices at the grocery store. 

America's Test Kitchen

I've always loved America's Test Kitchen (the greats behind Cook's Illustrated, Cook's Country, and more), but I only recently got into their podcast. The podcast feels similar to their TV show--they answer a couple listener questions, have a product review, talk through a recipe, and then interview a food thought leader. It's a great way to get a little bit of everything food-related in one 50 minute session!

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