Monday, July 27, 2015

Favorite Finds: Good Pops


Z and I have a routine at the grocery store, and it always includes a walk down the ice cream aisle. It's especially tempting because our local grocery spot has an amazing selection of treats, and always has a great sale going on.

I like to try out new flavors and products, depending on what's on sale. A few weeks ago, I was particularly intrigued by some amazing looking popsicles on sale, mainly because they came in a cute pink hue.

The popsicles, from GoodPops, did not disappoint! They had really authentic flavor, you could tell the ingredients were all natural. The watermelon ones even had watermelon seeds inside!


These are the perfect summertime treat--they were really refreshing and low in calories, which means you won't feel guilty eating them poolside. I tried out the dairy free flavors, but they also had some dairy flavors that looked amazing, like cold brew coffee popsicles and banana cinnamon. 

You can find Goodpops near you here.

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