Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Favorite Finds: Yummly


My work week is largely spent working in the field of data analytics. Rarely does food come into play--I'm often talking to e-commerce companies and other start-ups. But then I have those rare and wonderful moments when I get to talk to a growing and awesome food company, like Yummly.

I met part of the Yummly team at a work function, and I immediately went home to check out their site. Yummly is a way to collect and save recipes easily; it's better than bookmarks and more food-focused than Pinterest. I like Yummly because I can find a plethora of inspiration whenever I explore their site.

In particular, they do a great job of highlighting seasonal dishes and recipes recommended just for you!

I have started publishing all of my recipes on Yummly, and you can find the Hilary Stone Soup page here. You'll also find the Yum button on the blog, so you can can add my recipes to your own recipe collection.
Yummly Pages

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