Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cheese & Fruit for Dinner

Cheese Dinner

Continuing with the theme of easy dinners, today I am sharing my favorite lazy, no-cook meal--bread, fruit, and cheese!

When I don't feel like cooking, I often head to the local co-op for some great cheese, ripe summer fruit, and fresh bread. It's a really filling meal, and thanks to the fruit, I can kind of convince myself that it is healthy.

In terms of cheese, Z and I are suckers for blue cheese and peaches. I prefer a creamier blue, while Z prefers a more crumbly blue. We typically end up settling on Point Reyes Original Blue, which is amazing!

Then, I add in two more types of cheese. In the fall, I'll do a sharp cheddar with apples. This spring, I've been eating a lot of brie and goat cheese though.

For fruit, anything ripe and in season should work well. Peaches, nectarines, cherries, and strawberries are constantly in our fruit/cheese/bread rotation.

Lastly, there's no point in eating great cheese if it doesn't have a great vehicle. We splurged for this shoot on Tartine bread, but any fresh baked bread will do.

This is the one "meatless" meal Z loves. While Z will never become a vegetarian, maybe I can convince him that every Monday should be our cheese/bread/fruit night.

What are your go-to easy meals? Share them in the comments below!

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